The University of Seychelles will soon offer a free online course for students in the Seychelles and around the world who want to learn more about the concept of the Blue Economy –  to harness the resources of the ocean in a sustainable way for the economic development of Seychelles.

The course, which is a joint venture of the Commonwealth of Learning and the James Michel Research Institute at UniSey, will offer insight on business potential while implementing Blue Economy knowledge into Seychelles’ development plans. The course, which is available from April, will comprise of questions, reflections and theses. The student’s progress will be monitored throughout.

Marie-Reine Hoareau, the focal person of the Commonwealth of Learning in Seychelles, said that the course is vital for Seychelles: “It will direct focus on the importance of eco-system services and sustainably managing coastal and marine resources,” she explained.

At the launching ceremony of the online course last week, the chief executive of the Commonwealth of Learning, Asha Kanwar, said that Seychelles can start to focus on becoming producers of knowledge rather than only consumers.

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