Seychelles’ beautiful North Island has won one of five National Geographic World Legacy Awards – prizes for the best tourism destination for preserving and restoring natural habitat. The award also recognised North Island for protecting rare and endangered species.

North Island has undertaken a programme to restore the island, which has included successfully reintroducing many indigenous species such as the Seychelles Sunbird and the endangered Seychelles White-Eye back into the ecosystem

Biologists conducting the programme continuously monitor the island’s ecology which contributes to a greater global understanding of migration patterns, sea temperatures, and the impacts of climate change.

The award is a partnership between National Geographic and ITB Berlin – the world’s largest tourism trade fair, which recognises the leading organisations, companies and destinations promoting sustainable tourism all across the world.

Bruce Simpson, the Managing Director of North Island, said in a press release that the award will inspire his team to continue to offer high-end, sustainable ecotourism.

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