In an important step towards building Seychelles’ renewable energy capacity, the environment ministry is encouraging investment in a bio-digestion plant that will convert waste in the landfill into biogas.

The principal secretary for environment, Alain De Commarmond, told SNA that the government will put more effort and support into improving the renewable energy supply to provide an answer to the growing climate change challenges and cost of oil.

A tender will be launched later this year to choose an investor with the best bio-digestion system to carry out work at the national level.

According to the ‘Solid Waste Management in the Seychelles‘ report compiled by students from ETH Zurich and the University of Seychelles in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, waste management poses threats to Seychelles as most of the waste generated ends up in the landfill.

De Commarmond said that it is the responsibility of the Seychelles’ government to protect the pristine environment of the country and to reduce the carbon footprint.

Biogas is a flexible source of energy.  It can be used directly by burning the gas for cooking, lighting or producing heat, or burnt in a generator to produce electricity. Discussions with the agricultural sector to see how biogas can be produced from farming have also begun.

Seychelles is looking at various sources of renewable energy and complementing them with energy efficiency technologies and energy conservation measures. The aim is to bring the island nation’s renewable energy needs to 5 percent in 2020.