Seychelles Prioritises Ocean Lessons

A new centre for ocean restoration, awareness and learning (aptly abbreviated as CORAL) has opened on Praslin, the second-most populated island of Seychelles. The centre will bring together scientists and students to share knowledge on how to protect and improve ocean life. Nature Seychelles, a non-profit organisation run by Nirmal Shah, will be responsible for … Continue reading Seychelles Prioritises Ocean Lessons


Is Biogas Viable For Renewable Energy?

In an important step towards building Seychelles' renewable energy capacity, the environment ministry is encouraging investment in a bio-digestion plant that will convert waste in the landfill into biogas. The principal secretary for environment, Alain De Commarmond, told SNA that the government will put more effort and support into improving the renewable energy supply to … Continue reading Is Biogas Viable For Renewable Energy?

Seychelles’ Conservation Grants Awarded

Save Ours Seas Foundation, a global ocean conservation and marine research organisation, last month announced its new Keystone Grant winners for 2017, as well as its partners and continuation grants for this year. Save Our Seas Foundation's Keystone Grant forms part of the Foundation's commitment to protect oceans by funding and supporting research, conservation and … Continue reading Seychelles’ Conservation Grants Awarded