Seychelles Tortoise Sanctuary

Tortoise breeding may not be a regular entrepreneurial idea, but that hasn’t stopped Dolor Ernesta, a local Seychelles entrepreneur, who is making plans to set up a tortoise sanctuary. As well as having a lifetime of love for tortoises, Dolor has been breeding them for the past 23 years. He began caring for them in … Continue reading Seychelles Tortoise Sanctuary


Ghost Birds on D’Arros Island

Wedge-tailed shearwaters are medium-sized long-winged seabirds, mostly known for their impressive capacity to fly hundreds of kilometres out to sea. However, on D'Arros Island and the St Joseph Atoll in Seychelles, they are Ghost Birds, named after their distinctive ghost-like calls which emanate at night from the islands' darkness. On D'Arros Island, a project is … Continue reading Ghost Birds on D’Arros Island

Seychelles Turtle Conservation Efforts Stepped Up In Face Of Climate Change

The effects of climate change pose a greater threat to hawksbill turtles in Seychelles than poaching, according to a local conservationist. Now that the nesting season has ended, conservation officials, including Ashley Pothin, an official from the environment ministry, are refocusing their attention towards the impact climate change is having on the Seychelles turtle population. … Continue reading Seychelles Turtle Conservation Efforts Stepped Up In Face Of Climate Change

NatGeo Prize for Seychelles Island

Seychelles' beautiful North Island has won one of five National Geographic World Legacy Awards - prizes for the best tourism destination for preserving and restoring natural habitat. The award also recognised North Island for protecting rare and endangered species. North Island has undertaken a programme to restore the island, which has included successfully reintroducing many indigenous species … Continue reading NatGeo Prize for Seychelles Island

Seychelles’ Conservation Grants Awarded

Save Ours Seas Foundation, a global ocean conservation and marine research organisation, last month announced its new Keystone Grant winners for 2017, as well as its partners and continuation grants for this year. Save Our Seas Foundation's Keystone Grant forms part of the Foundation's commitment to protect oceans by funding and supporting research, conservation and … Continue reading Seychelles’ Conservation Grants Awarded

Habits Change As Seychelles Adapts To The Plastic Ban

This year, Seychelles implemented a ban on importing a range of plastic items, from bags to cutlery. Judging by the reaction of Seychelles residents, the initiative has been welcomed, even if it has forced the locals to be more creative when running errands or disposing of rubbish. They have swapped bags for boxes to carry … Continue reading Habits Change As Seychelles Adapts To The Plastic Ban